Application Developmemt

If your needs include web-based or standalone applications, we are experienced in all phases of the project lifecycle to ensure we deliver a product that works right the first time. We have 10+ years real-world experience with languages including Java, C#, and Python; SQL and NoSQL databases; and many application platforms. Please contact us for a full list of technologies and expertise.

Database Implementations

Applications start with the data. If you know what you want to do but don’t yet have a way to collect and organize your data, we can help. We are experienced with traditional relational databases such as SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, as well as modern distributed data stores like MongoDB, Riak, and Hadoop. Whatever your vision, we will help you design and set up the necessary infrastructure to store the data that matters.

Data-Driven Web Applications

If you’ve got a database, you need a front-end to make this data accessible. Most applications today are built on platforms such as ASP.NET, Django, Wordpress, and Drupal which simplify the transition from data to user interface. We can work with many of today’s hottest platforms to get the data to your users.

Service APIs

Once your UI is completed, the next step is to provide low-level programmatic access, making the data available to client-side applications on desktop or mobile clients. We help you find efficient protocols and ensure the necessary security is in place to protect user data and company knowledge in transit.

Code Review

Sometimes just having another pair of eyes look through problematic code can help uncover bugs or opportunities for improvement. We are experienced with advanced algorithms, data and transport security (protocols and cryptography), and a wide variety of languages and programming paradigms and are pleased to review your code to help you confirm it’s right or determine the problems within.