Data Analysis

This is the data generation. Applications are important, but the ability to make sense of large volumes of raw data can make or break a company trying to stay competitive. Eliasen Consulting can help understand the data and the meaning in contains.

Statistical Analysis

Languages like R claim to make analysis of small (up to 2-3 GB) datasets relatively easy, but the tools themselves can be difficult for non-programmers to use effectively. We have experience developing with these and other analysis tools, helping you streamline and automate your existing manual processes. Whether it’s generating tables and charts for periodic reports, finding anomalies in raw data collected from the real world, or simply duplicating analysis for quality control, we can build the programs you need in the languages you desire.

Big Data

Working with larger datasets requires re-thinking the ways you process your information from the ground up. We are gaining experience with distributed and clustered data platforms (Google App Engine, Hadoop, Riak) and machine learning algorithms. If you have data and want to find the hidden gems buried within, we can help!